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Undocumented Immigrant Who KIlled 81-Year-Old Dallas Woman Charged in 11 More Murders

Earlier this year, illegal immigrant Billy Chemirmir was arrested in the death of an 81-year-old Dallas woman, Lu Thi Harris.

Now, investigators have linked the illegal immigrant to at least 11 more murders and are investigating hundreds of others for links to Chemirmir.

The Big Break

Elderly women throughout Texas and other parts of the country have been mysteriously killed for months.

Police had no clues until Chemirmir left a 91-year-old woman alive after an attack.

Chemirmir had forced his way into her Plano apartment and told the woman, “Go to bed. Don’t’ fight me.”

He then proceeded to try to smother her with a pillow.

After he took some valuables and left, paramedics arrived and managed to resuscitate the woman.

Police were eventually able to identify this woman’s attacker as Chemirmir and located him via his license plate number.

Local police trailed him for several days when Chemirmir made his biggest mistake of throwing away a jewelry box that was Ms. Harris’ while under surveillance.

While police were able to tie Chemirmir to the Harris case, they had no idea they had actually stumbled onto a serial killer.

Reviewing Hundreds of Cases

Chemirmir was working in the health care industry.

He was exploiting his position as an elderly caregiver to stake out his victims, then carry out murders and robberies.

Authorities throughout Collin County, TX have been working together, ultimately tying Chemirmir to 12 murders, including that of Ms. Harris.

However, they are also now looking at roughly 750 unsolved murders of elderly women throughout the country.

Chemirmir’s attorney has stated his client is innocent and “had denied it since Day 1.”

In addition to the murder charges, Chemirmir is obviously also being held for entering the country illegally.

Source: AP News

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