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Unknown Democrat Says Trump Helped Plan Capitol Riot

I honestly thought we had seen every dirty trick the Democrats had to play, but I was wrong.

Another unknown Democrat just popped up to make a nasty charge against Trump.

Virgin Islands Democrat Delegate Stacey Plaskett is now accusing Trump of helping to plan the riot at the Capitol.

Trump Did It All

The allegation made by Plaskett is a despicable reach that was meant to do nothing more than grab her some free press.

According to Plaskett, because Trump knows Roger Stone and because Roger Stone knows some of the people that were in attendance, Trump helped plan the riot… I kid you not.

She stated, “As for what this new report is showing with regard to Roger Stone and other allies of the president, I think it’s solidifying that, in fact, the president was, in fact, not only an instigator but a planner of the attack on January 6.

“I think it leads to other law enforcement agencies having additional support of what the president’s involvement was.

“I’m really looking at what’s happening in the District of Columbia, with their law enforcement agencies and attorney general looking into the incitement of violence by the president and his allies.

“I’m hopeful that as Speaker Pelosi is putting together her commission, that is going to look at the issues that not only the security issues related to January 6th but what were the insidious motivations behind the attack on our Capitol.”

Now, if there was really evidence that Trump helped plan the riot, would that not have come up during the impeachment?

This is dangerous rhetoric that is only going to fuel the anger on the right, nothing more, but that is exactly what Democrats are trying to do right now.

Source: Breitbart

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