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VIDEO: Protesters Burn Pig’s Head with Police Hat on Top of American Flag

The police are getting a bad rap all over this country for some wayward actions of only a few.

In the process, Democrats have villainized the police as well as having already started to undermine them with the narrative of defunding and/or abolishing police departments in major cities like Minneapolis and Seattle.

This has resulted in an enormous amount of disrespect and attacks being aimed at police officers around the country.

In Portland, protesters stuck a pick’s head on a fire and added a police hat for good measure.

Violence in cities where Trump has sent federal agents has started to die down, but the media is still trying to treat these riots as a Sunday afternoon picnic.

U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams, the chief federal law enforcement official in Oregon, ripped the media for doing this recently.

When he was asked about the use of federal agents being politicized, he went off.

Williams stated, “Yeah, the federal agents being here are protecting federal property, that is not accurate. Blaming federal agents for protecting federal property is an easy out for people who want to politicize this.”

He also called out reporters for describing the rioting as “late night activity” to reduce the wrongful appearance of what is criminal behavior.

Williams stated, “You’re using, ‘late night activity,’ it sounds like a party. It’s criminal.”

“You’re choosing terms that sort of downplay the criminal activity, and what I’m suggesting is if there is an honest accounting of what this is, that helps build the reality check for how this can stop.

“That’s my point.”

You can read the full report on the Daily Wire.

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