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Video Resurfaces of Joe Biden’s Slur Against Minority Group

I have never gone so far as to call Joe Biden a racist but let me put it this way, he is far from “woke.”

Biden has a long history of making derogatory comments against minorities, and a clip from 2006 when many expected him to come out of the party as the Democrat nominee for the 2008 election.

Unwoke Joe

Recently, Biden was taking heat for his “you ain’t black” comment during his interview with Charlamagne the God on The Breakfast Club.

Joe Biden has since passed the onus of his comments on to Charlamagne, saying he baited Biden into making the comments.

You see, that is how Joe does it. He says what he means, then he either blames someone else or his staff proceeds to do damage control to explain what he “really meant.”

This is not something that was brought on by whatever mental health issues Biden may or may not have, however; no, this is something that has been going on during Biden’s career for decades.

2008 Gaffe

During a 2006 appearance, Biden made remarks about the Indian American community that did not sit well with many people.

Rather than explain them, let Joe tell it for himself…

Just as happened after all of Biden’s recent gaffes, his staff stepped in to say what Joe really meant.

Then-Biden spokesperson Margaret Aitken stated, “The point Senator Biden was making is that there has been a vibrant Indian-American community in Delaware for decades.

“It has primarily been made up of engineers, scientists, and physicians, but more recently, middle-class families are moving into Delaware and purchasing family-run small businesses.

“These families have greatly contributed to the vibrancy of the Indian-American community in Delaware and are making a significant contribution to the national economy as well.”

I have stated before, Biden should come with a ticker wrapped around his neck so his staff can type in what he meant to say in real-time because it would probably save Joe a lot of problems.

Does this video prove that Joe Biden is and has been racist? No, but it surely shows that if this new generation of liberals wants a true believer to lead their “woke” movement, Biden is not the man for the job.

Source: NBC News

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