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[VIDEO] Trump Releases New Campaign Video Embarrassing Joe Biden

Well, folks, the campaign for the re-election of Donald Trump has officially begun.

Trump clearly believes Biden is either going to win the primary election or he is simply trying to knock him out of the race right now.

The new video released by Trump not only exposed many of the Biden gaffes, but he also has managed to put in quite a few Democrats and liberal media pundits ripping Biden for mental and health concerns.

Dems and Liberals Doing the Dirty Work

It is one thing when Trump says something about Biden’s gaffes or health concerns.

However, when the media that is supposed to be supporting him as well as his fellow Democrats are voicing the same concerns, it carries a bit more weight and is far harder to dismiss.

Biden has been taking a lot of heat lately over health concerns, especially after he made several appearances, including a town hall, with a bloody right eye.

The most telling of all the blows landed against Biden, though, comes from a former staff member.

During a debate, Julian Castro took a shot at Biden for not remembering what he said on the stage just a few minutes prior.

After Biden stated Americans would have to buy into his health care plan, he then contradicted himself, to which Castro stated, “You just said two minutes ago they would have to buy in.

“Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?”

Clearly, Castro was hitting Biden for having a “senior” moment on stage, but the video takes it to a whole new level, with virtually every negative Biden comment featured in a two-minute barrage…

What is the Strategy Here?

Biden is widely considered by most pundits to be Trump’s most formidable opponent IF he wins the primary.

Even though Biden has been swinging further and further to the left, he is still the most moderate legitimate candidate in the race.

So, by attacking Biden now, Trump has two possible outcomes.

First, he can knock Biden out early, then face off against Warren or Sanders in the general election.

If that happens, Americans are going to have to choose between Trump and a candidate that would likely do everything in his or her power to make this a socialist country… not an easy sell.

If Biden survives the primary, Trump will have already planted the idea that Biden is heading downhill in regards to his health and you better believe Trump will be merciless in debates to derail Biden on live TV.

Biden has already lost it with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, so what you do think will happen to him when Trump is going after him on a debate stage?

Dems may still be leading in the polls right now, but Trump is just getting started, so I would not be all that worried about polling just yet (if ever).

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