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Warren Shuns Fox News, Slams Network’s Viewers

Fox News offered Elizabeth Warren a Town Hall, but she declined for some rather interesting reasons.

Warren claimed Fox News is a “hate-for-profit racket.”

She also claimed the network caters to racist and conspiracy theorists.

You Just Insulted Millions of Americans

Fox News by far leads all cable news networks in ratings.

In many cases, the network doubles the viewing audience of the next closest network.

Rather than try to reach those individuals with a meaningful message, Warren instead just called them all racists and nut jobs pitching conspiracy theories.

She took Hillary’s deplorables comment and raised it about four or five levels on the insult scale.

Big Mistake

So far on the campaign trail, Warren is playing it very safe.

She is only using networks that have a liberal agenda and she is only appearing in locations where she knows she will draw a favorable crowd.

Those people are going to vote for her already, so she is not doing anything to expand her base.

If she really expects to win not only the nomination but also the presidential race, she is going to have to go into some uncomfortable spaces and win over new voters.

She is not Joe Biden, the front runner by a ton, so turning voters in her favor is imperative and something that must be done soon if she is going to have a legitimate shot.

And yes, that means going on Fox News and speaking directly to viewers that will not tune into those other networks.

Trump knew he was going to have problems in cities like Philadelphia and Chicago, but he went there anyway.

And what do you know, Trump won states in the general election that Republicans have not won for years and decades in some cases.

Warren can rail all she wants about Fox News and its viewers, but all she is doing is putting another hole in a boat that is beginning to sink fairly rapidly.

Source: Washington Examiner

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