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Whistleblower Attorney Predicted Impeachment in 2017

If you are among those that believe the entire impeachment of Donald Trump has been orchestrated from the outset, this story is only going to add more fuel to that fire.

The attorney for the Ukraine phone call whistleblower, Mark Zaid, in 2017, sent out a tweet, stating, “#coup has started” as well as predicting that “#impeachment will follow.”

The Firing of Sally Yates

All of this got kicked off when Trump dismissed acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Yates refused to enforce Trump’s executive order to ban travelers from terrorist nations.

She claimed there was no constitutional basis to defend the order, but it did eventually hold up in the Supreme Court.

At the time, Yates’ name was added to the possible “deep state” operatives working against Trump in the administration.

Backing the Coup

Scanning through Zaid’s twitter posts, he has long been backing those against this administration and encouraging more people to come forward to fight against the President.

Zaid’s firm, Compass Rose Legal Group, is also reportedly representing numerous other whistleblowers.

It was also revealed that Zaid has been pushing the narrative of invoking the 25th Amendment against Trump to have him removed from office.

Working from the Inside

The identity of the whistleblower has not yet been confirmed, but he is believed to be a CIA operative that was moved over to the National Security Council in 2015.

This individual is believed to have worked hand-in-hand with Joe Biden while serving during the Obama administration.

Even more damning is the fact that if this individual is, in fact, the whistleblower, he was relieved of his duties on the NSC and sent back to the CIA because he was believed to be the source of several leaks, although that was not officially confirmed.

Several Republicans have threatened to out the name.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated he was going to put him on his witness list for the impeachment hearings, but Rep. Schiff (D-CA) can decline the witness, as Democrats have final approval of all witnesses, per their impeachment inquiry rules.

If Schiff does decline the witness, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has also threatened to take the name public “at some point.”

With all of these ties to Joe Biden and the Democrat party, it is going to be awfully hard to hold back conspiracy theorists from blowing this up and quite frankly, more than a few Americans that never believed this would have been possible are starting to buy into the “coup” narrative, which will absolutely crush Democrats in the 2020 elections.

Source: Breitbart

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