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2006 Joe Biden Video Will Wreck His Campaign

Joe Biden has been coming under considerable scrutiny over his flip-flopping on the Hyde Amendment.

A video from a 2006 interview is not going to make things much better for him, as Biden stated he felt as though he was the “odd man out” within his own party due to his abortion stance.

Christian Beliefs

Biden has always pushed his faith during his career.

Even though some of the threats and statements he has made over the years were far from what we would consider being Christian, Biden has pushed his faith when it was convenient for him.

As a way to lure in pro-life Democrats, which he has done his entire career, Biden has always taken a hard stance against convenience abortions, or abortions solely for the purpose of the pregnancy being unwanted.

As such, he has always been a fervent supporter of the Hyde Amendment, which does not allow abortions to be conducted with government funds unless the pregnancy was related to incest, rape, or the pregnancy was a threat to the mother’s life.

In this video, Biden reaffirms that position…

 Changing His Tune

The flip-flopping on the Hyde Amendment took more than a month for Biden to finally commit.

It started at a rally in South Carolina in early May and was only settled last week.

After telling a supporter in South Carolina he would back the abolishment of the amendment, he later gave the lame excuse he misunderstood the woman.

His excuse was pathetic but because he is Joe Biden, the media bought into it.

At that point, he re-affirmed his stance as a supporter of the amendment.

The next day, Biden’s campaign put out a statement his stance was now to abolish the amendment if elected.

His excuse this time was that abortions should not be predicated on someone’s income level or zip code.

That, however, is clearly not with this is about.

What in the world does someone’s zip code have to do with the fact the pregnancy is merely unwanted?

His justification for his flip-flop makes no sense, yet nobody is calling him out for it.

We all know the real reason he caved is that the pressure being put on him from the party itself.

Biden has no spine, period.

He is slowly but surely filling his platform with far-left issues, which is the exact reason his massive lead is slowly but surely fading.

By the end of this election cycle, Joe Biden will have the dubious distinction of being a three-time loser in the presidential election.

Source: The Hill

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