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AG Barr Stuns Democrats with ‘Review’ Announcement

Democrats are going to learn very quickly this Attorney General is not one to be pushed around or forced into anything.

While Democrats continue to push Attorney General Barr to release a full and unredacted version of the Mueller Report, Barr stopped them dead in their tracks by announcing he was going to review the conduct of the FBI in the original Russia investigation.

Democrat Pressure Backfires

Barr made an appearance on the Hill to pacify Democrats demanding answers about the Mueller Report.

It was his first such appearance before Congress in what surely will be many, considering Democrats control the House and are seemingly launching a new investigation every day.

Democrats hit Barr fairly hard on the handling of the report as well as details they stated that he “cherry picked” to exonerate the President.

Barr then quickly shut them down by announcing there is already an investigation on the books for the Inspector General regarding the FISA warrants used during the investigation.

Barr stated, “More generally, I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted in the summer of 2016.”

This will no doubt look into the Steele dossier as well as the information provided by Halper, which was used to indict several Trump associates.

Releasing the Mueller Report

While discussing the matter, Barr stated he expects to have the report released to Congress within the upcoming week.

This, of course, did not pacify Democrats, as they think the new Attorney General is purposely protecting the President.

Their claims are baseless mind you; Barr’s reputation is just another piece of collateral damage in the effort to remove Trump from office as far as Democrats are concerned.

Democrats continue to cry for information they are not necessarily entitled to by law, specifically grand jury testimony.

Barr actually reminded Democrats of the regulations protecting some of the information as well as telling them these regulations were put in place during the Clinton administration.

This was a nice, silent jab to Democrats as if to say, “You are accusing me of protecting a president, yet I am bound by the regulations Democrats put in place to protect a Democrat president from being impeached.”

It was absolutely brilliant and done so with an icy stare.

Barr also told the committee when something is redacted, his team is putting together explanatory notes to give them an idea of the information that was redacted.

Make no mistake about it, Democrats know the law, as this is all grandstanding to try to give Trump a black eye in public.

In the meantime, they have shredded the reputation of a man that has been impeccable thus far.

Even so, Barr stated he is working “diligently to make as much information as possible available to Congress.”

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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