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Barr Heavily Criticizes Democrats During Senate Judiciary Testimony

Attorney General Barr sat in his chair for more than five hours on Wednesday and gave just as good as he got.

Barr clearly reached his breaking point while being questioned by Senator Blumenthal (D-CT).

The Attorney General warned Democrats to “stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon.”


Watching Barr testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee was like watching a heavyweight fight go the full 12 rounds.

Democrats took shot after shot, talking in an angry and disgusted tone, but they were never able to get Barr off his game.

They twisted both the words of both Barr and Mueller to serve their purpose and were exposed by not only Barr but also several Republicans.

Of note is the reaction by Senator Graham (R-S.C.) who just laid into the entire committee.

Stop Abusing the Criminal Justice System

The best bout of the day came when Sen. Blumenthal got the microphone.

Blumenthal interrupted Barr while speaking saying, “You, in fact, exonerated him in your press conference and in your four-page summary.”

Barr, who had a priceless agitated look on his face, immediately fired back and asked Blumenthal to repeat what he stated because he did not hear how it started.

This seemed more like gamesmanship by Barr, as he wanted Blumenthal’s statement to be clearly understood by everyone so they knew he was lying.

Blumenthal repeated the statement, which is when Barr really let him have it.

Barr replied, “No, I didn’t exonerate.

“I said that we did not believe that there was sufficient evidence to establish an obstruction offense which is the job of the Justice Department.

“The job of the Justice Department is now over. That determines whether or not there is a crime.

“The report is now in the hands of the American people.

“Everyone can decide for themselves.

“There’s an election in 18 months – that’s a very democratic process, but we’re out of it.

“And we have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon.”

Democrats were clearly furious they could not get to Barr and as they left the building, numerous Democrats, including presidential candidate Kamala Harris, stated that Barr is unacceptable as an Attorney General and must resign now.

That is very unlikely to happen, however, as Barr seems determined to bring some integrity back to this office.

The only people that were exposed during his testimony were the Democrats and their blatant twisting of the facts.

They were letting the media dictate the facts rather than the words of Mueller and Barr… and this is just unforgivable.

Democrats want accountability… so let’s hold them accountable for what they are doing with this witch hunt.

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