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Bernie Sanders’ Anti-American Rant While Visiting Russia Exposed

President candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) bizarre honeymoon trip to Russia in 1988 is the latest part of Bernie’s history to hurt him in the polls.

A report in the Washington Post has revealed that while Sanders was in Russia, he regularly railed against the United States.

Now, keep in mind, this happened during the Cold-War era, at the height of tensions between Russia and the United States, and Sanders was talking ill of his own country.

Upsetting Talk

At the time of the trip, Bernie Sanders was serving as the Mayor of Burlington, VT.

This was about two years before Sanders would make his successful run for the House to serve as Vermont’s Representative for it’s “at-large” district.

Sanders appeared to be right at home in Russia, enjoying both the vodka and the company.

As he railed against his home country on foreign turf, a conservative member of his entourage, David F. Kelley, who was there because he was a Republican member of the Burlington City Council, said it got so weird, he had to leave.

Kelley stated, “I got really upset and walked out.

“When you are a critic of your country, you can say anything you want on home soil.

“At that point, the Cold War wasn’t over, the arms race wasn’t over, and I just wasn’t comfortable with it.”

His point… Bernie should NOT have been talking smack about the United States in Russia, period.

It Didn’t Stop There

Sanders has a record of being very critical of the United States and very complimentary to dictators and autocrats during this time.

In 1985, Ronald Reagan opposed the revolution that was led by Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, but Bernie Sanders then stated, “I was impressed.”

Regarding Fidel Castro and Cuba, Sanders once stated, “Under Castro, enormous progress has been made in improving the lives of poor people.

“I did not see a hungry child. I did not see any homeless people.”

That was probably because Castro had them killed or hidden so they would not be seen.

Under Castro, Ernesto Guevara and his firing squads are believed to have conducted more than 100 summary executions.

In Cuba, you see, there was no trial by jury, just Castro’s deciding if you lived or died.

This is what makes presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tick.

He has longed to turn the United States into a socialist country since 1988 and if he wins this election, he will finally have the power to do so.

You can read the full report on The Washington Post.

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