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Biden Steals Sanders’ Thunder with Crafty Move

Since Bernie Sanders is loading up his staff with DACA recipients, Joe Biden decided to make use of his discards.

One of the first hires made by Biden was Symone Sanders, who served as Bernie Sanders’ spokesperson in 2016.

Smooth Move

This is a major coup for Biden for several reasons.

The obvious one is the insight Symone Sanders can offer into Bernie’s campaign strategies.

However, since Symone also happens to be a regular on CNN, this definitely gives Biden a little edge when it comes to getting some positive vibes from the network.

Digging in for Battle

The signing of Sanders to Biden’s campaign also shows us that Biden believes Sanders to be his main opponent.

Bernie tends not to get into mudslinging, at least not openly against his fellow Democrat candidates.

Biden, on the other hand, has no problem slinging it and he is going to have to if he is going to win over the younger voters in the Party.

Even though Bernie looks like he has one foot firmly planted in the grave, twentysomethings absolutely love him for his promises of free everything.

Bernie has apparently won over the New Breed in the House too, which is going to present some problems for Biden as well.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has some juice behind her, most notably Justice Democrats, who have already fired a shot at the Biden campaign by calling him “out of touch.”

When push comes to shove, though, AOC and her New Breed crew may not even play into this primary.

This is really going to come down to what Democrat Americans want to do with this country overall.

If they are ready to turn America into a socialist country, Bernie is going to run away with it.

If not, Biden squeaks this one out and faces off against Trump in November 2020.

Source: Fox News

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