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Cancer Survivor Rips Biden for Claim to ‘Cure’ Cancer if Elected

Joe Biden made one of the most ridiculous promises in campaign history when he promised to cure cancer if elected president (yes, he really said it).

Cancer survivor Natalie Harp slammed the presidential hopeful for making the statement, telling him cancer cures should NOT be exchanged for votes.

Trump Policy Saved Her

Natalie Harp lives in California.

Harp was the victim of an unfortunate accident when a nurse accidentally injected her with sterilized water.

She developed bone cancer and has lived with it for most of her life.

Rather than have medical choices, her options given to her by Democrats running the state were more or less the best ways to die.

The problem, though, was Harp did not want to die.

She stated, “I’m like, ‘no, I just want to get better.”

The way Harp puts it, she is no longer dying from cancer but rather living with cancer thanks to President Trump passing “Right to Try” legislation.

That opened the door to medical procedures Harp would never have been able to try if she left it up to the Democrats.

Harp further stated, “It took President Trump going to Washington to be able to get that for me.”

Cures for Votes

The fact Biden said he would offer the cure for cancer is bad enough.

The fact the media more or less brushed it under the rug is just as despicable.

Can you imagine the outrage if Trump had made such a promise?

I have said this before but I am going to say it again, Biden will do and/or say anything to get elected.

He is a two-time loser on his last run and not getting to the White House has always been his dream.

Biden has always been his own worst enemy when it comes to campaigning and now, he has done it again.

Thankfully, at least one network, Fox News, is making him answer for this ridiculous statement so the American people can realize how much of a fraud Biden really is.

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