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CNN Journalist Accuses Turning Point Official of ‘Verbal Assault’ on Senator Harris

It looks like we can add both Senator Kamala Harris and CNN’s Ana Navarro-Cardenas to the snowflake award list for 2019.

The alleged ‘verbal assault’ occurred at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX this past Saturday.

The ‘Assault’

Anna Paulina, who serves as the Director of Hispanic Engagement for Turning Point USA, approached Harris to ask her a question about child trafficking.

The incident did not appear to be anything near an assault until one of Harris’ staffers put her hands on Paulina to prevent her from getting any closer to Harris.

As Paulina continued to try to get an answer from Harris, the presidential candidate blatantly ignored her and continued to take selfies with fans.

Clearly, Paulina at no time threatened Harris, nor did she raise her voice or even come close to a threatening tone.

The CNN Spin

As the incident started to make its way around the Twitterverse, a CNN contributor, Ana Navarro-Cardenas, got ahold of it and instead of calling out Harris for ignoring an important question, she accused Paulina of “verbal assault.”

She even lauded Harris’ staffers for teaching a “master class” in how to deal with such an incident…

Now, I want you to think back to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings when activists cornered Senator Flake in an elevator in a far more threatening situation.

Was that ever described as “verbal assault” by CNN?

How about Sarah Sanders being tossed out of a local restaurant with diners getting in her face? Was that ever considered “verbal assault” by the network?

Remember the patrons of another restaurant getting in Ted Cruz’s face to the point he had to shield his wife and leave? Again, no “verbal assault” accusations levied by CNN.

There are clearly different rules in place for what you can do to conservatives and what you can do to liberals these days.

Had this been an ANTIFA member asking Senator McConnell a question, he or she would have been applauded by every mainstream network.

Instead, a respected young lady, who happens to be an Air Force veteran, is being trashed by CNN for asking a very important question about a very important subject.

But don’t worry Senator Harris, go ahead and take another selfie, because child trafficking at the border can wait.

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