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Democrats, Media Caught in Vicious Lie to Discredit Barr

In one of the more despicable moves we have seen yet, both the media and high-ranking Democrats collaborated to purposely mislead Americans about a portion of Attorney General Barr’s testimony on April 10.

This is the same testimony he is now being raked over the coals for in the media as well as contributing to Democrats calling for his resignation every chance they get.

Rachel Maddow Kicked It Off

The real steam got put behind this when MSNBC’s Rachel Madow tweaked a couple of facts to make for some rather damning accusations against Barr.

On April 30, Maddow sent out a tweet making it appear as though Barr committed perjury while testifying before Congress.

She carefully edited Barr’s testimony to cherry pick a segment of Barr’s testimony.

Here is Maddow’s segment from that day…

Notice how she specifically stated that Barr was “asked if Special Counsel Robert Mueller agreed with his conclusion summarizing the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Here is what William Barr said when he was asked that question before the Senate under oath.”

She is purposely framing this so viewers believe Barr was giving an answer about the summary letter, NOT the obstruction of justice charges.

She is creating the news, creating fake news to take down Barr.

What Really Happened

Now, if that really went down that way, a case could easily be made that Barr committed perjury because we know he discussed the situation with Mueller during a phone call in late March.

However, that clip could not be more misleading.

During that specific time and during that specific answer, Barr was being questioned by Senator Chris van Hollen (D-MD).

Senator van Hollen was specifically grilling Barr on whether or not Mueller supported Barr’s conclusion on obstruction of justice, NOT the Barr letter that was sent to Congress.

That segment of questioning in full was published by ABC News Politics on Twitter…

Clearly, van Hollen was ONLY discussing Barr’s conclusion on obstruction of justice.

Senator van Hollen at one point even says he is not talking about Barr’s letter to Congress, JUST his own conclusion that Trump did not commit obstruction of justice.

The Democrat Push

Now, it is bad enough MSNBC and Rachel Maddow twisted the facts, but then high-profile Democrats like Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who referred to Barr as a “very biased person,” picked up on this and started to blow it up on social media as well as every time a microphone was put in his face by the mainstream media.

Here is a tweet sent out by Rep. Nadler, also on April 30, when these allegations of perjury really started to gain steam against Barr…

Nadler, of course, was not the only one, as you can check the Twitter feeds of dozens of Democrats and watch the videos all day long as every one of them pushed that narrative.

This is the Attorney General of the United States being wrongly accused by the highest-ranking members of our government for something they all know to be 100 percent false.

As Barr stated during his testimony yesterday, they are weaponizing the justice system to win an election, nothing more.

Maddow should be tossed off the air, but we all know that is not going to happen.

MSNBC has been ducking questions since Alex Griswold from the Washington Free Beacon first spotted this discrepancy but at the very least, the network needs to set the record straight and issue an apology to Barr.

Nadler should be immediately removed from his leadership role for spreading this untruth and using it to discredit and shame our Attorney General; the same should happen to any other member of Congress that participated in this.

This is your Democrat party folks… and they are a complete embarrassment to our country.

Sources: The Washington Free Beacon and Fox News

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