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Rep. Nadler Rips Attorney General Barr as ‘Very Biased Person’

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was hoping the Mueller report would be the smoking gun against the Trump administration.

Now that the report has proven to exonerate Trump, Nadler has resorted to attacking the Attorney General, calling Barr a “very biased person.”

Additionally, Nadler, as recently as this morning on “Face the Nation,” is continuing to go against the Mueller report and insist there was evidence of collusion.

Open Collusion

For months, Democrats stated they would not back off the collusion narrative unless Mueller did not find any evidence of it.

Nadler, not surprisingly, has gone back on his word, stating, “there was in plain sight open collusion with the Russians.”

The New York Congressman also hinted that Barr is only serving the purpose of the White House rather than acting as a true Attorney General.

Earlier in the week, Nadler and the Judiciary Committee authorized the use of subpoenas to get Barr to release the full report unredacted.

Nadler stated the committee does not need a redacted version because “the committee has a very good record of protecting information which it decides to protect.”

The wording of that is particularly interesting because Nadler left the door open to leak information it does not “decide” to protect.

In all likelihood, that would be the “acute” information Mueller team members have already told the media about in an effort to undermine Barr’s summary report.

Changing His Mind

Earlier today, we did an article about Feinstein’s hypocrisy, and Nadler is very similar.

In 1998, Barr voted AGAINST the release of the Ken Starr report on President Bill Clinton.

Nadler, of course, says comparing these two cases is like comparing “apples and oranges.”

We know, of course, that is the case only because we are talking about a Democrat president and a Republican president.

Like most politicians today, Nadler’s stance on procedure is predetermined based on if it will benefit his political party or not.

Like 99.9 percent of the other members of the House and Senate, Nadler is a hypocrite and nothing more.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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