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Democrats Ready Subpoenas for Release of Full Mueller Report

What is happening right now in the Democrat party is deplorable.

Rather than allowing Attorney General Barr to properly read through the Mueller report and properly prepare the document for its release, Democrats are inventing a problem by preparing subpoenas to have the report released in full.

Missing the Deadline

Mueller sent his report to Attorney General Barr a little more than a week ago.

The report itself was 300 pages and was accompanied with millions of pages of supporting documentation.

Barr released a four-page summary report within days and vowed to have a redacted version of the report released by mid-April.

Barr also stated he would do his best to have it out sooner.

With the report exonerating Trump, Democrats are trying to make it look like Barr is hiding something for President Trump.

The first move was to put an April 2 deadline on their demands.

This was specifically done because they know Barr has no chance whatsoever of meeting that deadline.

Now, Democrats are making a big deal about preparing subpoenas for the full, unredacted report.

All for Show

This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors by Democrat leadership.

They are literally creating a scandal where none exists.

They want the full report and the supporting documentation so they can find a thread to pull and nothing more.

Furthermore, as well all know by now, Congress issuing a subpoena to the Justice Department is about as useful as a flea on the butt of an elephant.

It is a nuisance, nothing more.

Barr has promised to send the report to Democrats within a reasonable time frame.

To this point, President Trump has left every decision regarding the report in the hands of Barr.

Donald Trump has not used executive privilege to conceal any information.

They are the facts, yet Democrats paint a picture of obstruction on all fronts.

Republicans are finally fighting back against this dog and pony show, with Rep. Doug Collins (R-Georgia), stating, “Judiciary Democrats have escalated from setting arbitrary deadlines to demanding unredacted material that Congress does not, in truth, require and that the law does not allow to be shared outside the Justice Department.”

Like we said… this is all smoke and mirrors by Democrats and it is high time they are called out for it.

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