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Don Jr. Taunts Comey on Twitter

It is quite obvious to anyone watching that James Comey is in panic mode over the three investigations underway into the origins of the Russia probe.

After Comey sent out a series of blistering tweets against Attorney General Barr, Trump Jr. decided to poke the bear with a tweet of his own…

Comey Panicking

When Comey was the FBI Director, he let his hubris get the best of him.

Comey, while a registered Republican, was clearly a Clinton loyalist.

He was working for Obama and doing everything he could to protect Hillary Clinton.

There is little doubt had Hillary won, Comey would have remained the Director of the FBI.

There is now a paper trail that reveals this department was acting on the premise it was investigating the next president of the United States.

When Hillary lost, Comey continued on his mission to take down Trump, and now he is about to pay for it.

Going Down

The biggest nightmare for Comey is the fact the Mueller report came back empty.

A report, mind you, that was largely put in play because of actions by James Comey.

For instance, reports now state Comey apparently acted completely alone in introducing the Steele dossier into the investigation.

After accusations were made against John Brennan, his office stated they never even considered using the dossier because none of the information in the document could be corroborated.

Think about that then realize this was the same document reportedly used by Comey to secure FISA warrants against Trump advisors.

Barr, unlike Sessions, could care less what people think about him; he is determined to find the truth.

For Comey, there is nothing bigger to fear than the truth because that truth could very well likely put him behind bars for the better part of the rest of his life.

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