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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Burns Rep. Schiff on the Hot Seat

Fox News’ Chris Wallace has been taking a lot of heat from conservatives lately over what is being perceived as very biased coverage.

Wallace may be viewed differently, however, after he put Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on the hot seat and made him more than a bit uncomfortable during his interview.

No Mode Fair Shakes

Even though Wallace is a liberal, he was somewhat respected among conservatives as it always seemed he at least tried to give everyone a fair shake.

That was still the case somewhat early in the 2016 presidential race, but it changed as election day approached.

The first sign that Wallace had gone over to the dark side completely happened when he got an exclusive interview with Hillary and hit her with some great questions, but he ended up letting her get away without actually answering questions and never asked any hard-hitting follow-up questions.

Wallace literally appeared to be gushing over Hillary during the interview.

In the most recent months, Wallace has gotten considerably worse.

His biased reporting led to his comments about Barr’s summary being “politically charged.”

Schiff Squirming

Rep. Schiff has been presenting a lot of alleged evidence as truth regarding the President and collusion with the Russians.

Now that the Mueller report has completely exonerated Trump, someone needed to ask Schiff to put up or shut up… and Wallace did just that.

While he could have been tougher on Schiff, this was by far the best interview we have seen yet with Schiff in terms of calling him out for his comments over the last two years…

It was pretty clear Schiff was uncomfortable throughout that interview.

As mentioned above, though, Wallace really needed to just cut him off when Schiff drifted into a tangential topic to get out of answering the original question.

It remains a mystery why reporters constantly let these politicians off without actually answering the question asked.

Schiff lied to the American people for two full years and is being held accountable by very few in the media.

Sarah Sanders says “countless” instead of “a lot” or “more” and the media is talking about lopping off her head.

If that does not prove how biased the mainstream media is, nothing ever will.

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