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Giuliani’s Bold Prediction Stuns Democrats

Judge Jeanine Pirro is back on air and her re-introduction to fans was the thing of scorched earth.

Pirro had former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, on her show to make a bold prediction.

Giuliani stated that he believes within six months, there will be significant indictments against Justice Department and FBI officials associated with the Mueller investigation into collusion.

Bold Prediction

Pirro opened the door for Giuliani to make his prediction by setting him up perfectly with her lead in question:

PIRRO: What we’ve got is this report not only exonerated the president, it indicted the FBI, the DOJ, and there was a time when you and I would be talking and we’d say “Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General. Nothing’s gonna happen.” Will something happen now?

GIULIANI: First of all, I know you agree with me. The people it indicts are the corrupted politicians at the top of the FBI and DOJ. No field office of the FBI is implicated in this, no agent who sacrificing his life to protect us. It’s a bunch of these phony politicians at the top who corrupt themselves because they want to suck up to whoever’s in power. I would describe Comey that way, a whole bunch of other people like that. McCabe, his wife running for office, getting millions of dollars from Hillary. These are suck-up politicians. They’re not FBI agents like you know who are police officers–

PIRRO: Right, not the guys you and I worked for–

GIULIANI: The guys who go out and arrest people, put their lives on the live. My god, their hands would shake if they had to do that.


GIULIANI: So, that’s who we’re talking about–

PIRRO: Right, the upper echelon.

GIULIANI: What they did here, I believe over the next six months we’re going to uncover evidence that what they did here was criminal. This whole thing of collusion isn’t true. I was with Donald Trump for the last five months of the campaign. He didn’t ever talk to a Russian, he had nothing to do with a Russian.

Legal Problems

If Giuliani is right, this will be an absolute disaster for Democrats.

We already know their 2020 plan has been thrown into the dumpster, as it revolved around impeaching Trump for collusion.

Since the Mueller report has fully exonerated Trump, Democrats should now be more worried about covering their butts over what will eventually come out as to their role and influence in both the call for this investigation as well as the role some of the key players played in the investigation.

At the top of the list should be James Comey, who has already lied to Congress and leaked classified information to the media.

There would be nothing better for President Trump than a Democrat party completely wrapped up in defending itself in one of the largest and most blatant cases of corruption and abuse of power we have ever seen in our Justice Department and political system.

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