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Graham Changes Tune, Backs Trump on ‘Foreign Dirt’ Talk

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) came under considerable heat for saying Trump made a “mistake” by saying he would accept “foreign dirt” on other candidates.

He spoke with Judge Jeanine this weekend to further explain what he said.

Graham stated, “Sitting down and talking with somebody is okay.

“People contact me all the time.

“President Trump is right.

“Talking to people is not a crime.”

Oppo Research

No matter how outraged Democrats are acting about Donald Trump’s comments, they all know they have accepted opposition research from just about anywhere they could get it.

Proof of that was Hillary and the DNC getting the Steele Dossier from a former British spy.

If this were really a problem, they would have been outraged and Hillary would have been charged for getting the dossier during the 2016 election.

Graham touched on that as well, stating,  “Here’s the deal. We do know that the Democratic Party hired a British agent to get dirt on Trump and this British agent I think used foreign intelligence services to come up with a bunch of garbage.

“I think the Russians were out to hurt everybody including Trump.

“Who do you think this dossier came from?

“Do you think Steele made it up? I think he got it from the Russians.

“I think it was all a bunch of BS and it was used to get a warrant, and I would like for one Democrat to be outraged about that.”

When Pirro asked Graham if there is anyone he would not personally talk to, he stated, “I get talked to all the time.”

He added, “I meet with foreign people all the time. So does the president. It’s common sense.

“Sitting down and talking with somebody is fine.

“But the president said earlier this week, that no, he wouldn’t accept something from a foreign government he thought was wrong.

“But you don’t call up the FBI every time somebody talks to you. You only call you are up the FBI when somebody is trying to do something wrong.”

Make no mistake about it, this is not something Graham encourages, but it is not against the law to simply listen to what someone has to say.

What that information is and how you take it from there, well, that is another conversation altogether.

You can see the full interview between Graham and Judge Jeanine below…

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