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Hillary Clinton Tells Crowd Election Was ‘Stolen’ from Her

Well, now we have heard everything.

While appearing in Los Angeles Saturday night, Hillary Clinton told the crowd at the “Evening with the Clintons” the 2016 presidential election has been stolen from her.

In What World…

Now, last time I checked Robert Mueller conducted a two-year investigation to see if anything nefarious took place during the 2016 election.

Not only that, but several agencies also investigated the 2016 election to see if the Russians were actually able to penetrate and influence our election systems.

The general consensus was that while Russia did gain access to some voter rolls, they were actually unable to impact the outcome of the election.

Let’s also take a step back in time to just after the election, when Hillary looked into the camera and told the country she was willing to work towards creating unity in the country.

Hillary’s pledge to respect the outcome of the election lasted about a day, which is when she started this ridiculous claim that everything and everyone else was responsible for her losing the election.

Now, she is telling the 2020 presidential candidates seeking advice from her the election was actually stolen from her.

Hillary stated, “I think it’s also critical to understand that, as I’ve been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you.”

Setting the Record Straight

Unfortunately, Hillary managed to tell three straight lies in one statement.

Did Hillary actually run the best campaign? Our answer would be no.

In the primary, Bernie Sanders had younger Democrats energized like nothing we have ever seen.

President Barack Obama even called her campaign “soulless.”

Hillary had one campaign them that she ran into the dirt… I am not Donald Trump.

Did Hillary actually win the nomination? Well, our answer again would be no.

We heard after the fact the DNC was working against Bernie Sanders because it feared him winning the primary and kicking the Democrat establishment to the curb.

The party itself did everything in its power to ensure Hillary won, including putting the Superdelegate vote in her coffers before the first vote was cast.

She may have gotten the nod, but she surely did not beat Bernie fair and square.

Was the election stolen from Hillary? Again, absolutely not.

Hillary lost this election because Americans, by and large, did not trust her.

They wanted something and someone different, that was not attached to any party and did not have a bunch of megadonors like George Soros hanging out in the wings waiting to pull the strings.

Hillary lost key states that had been traditionally blue because nobody wanted her to be president.

She ONLY won the popular vote because Uber liberal New York and California cast what seemed like every vote in her favor.

Had it not been for those two states, Hillary probably would have had the worst lost in election history.

Hillary, please, do us all a favor and just go away.

We are tired of your lies and we are tired of you trying to tear this country apart simply because you did not get your way.

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