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Huckabee Rips Romney for Trump Criticisms

Failed Republican presidential candidate and current Senator for Utah Mitt Romney hammered President Donald Trump after the Mueller report came out.

In return, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee lashed out at Romney, stating that it made him “sick” that Romney could have possibly been president himself.


When Romney was running for president against Barack Obama, President Trump sent some nice checks his way.

Romney had no problem taking the stage with Trump or cashing those checks.

Rather than repay the favor by throwing his support behind Trump in 2016, Romney did everything in his power to help Democrats defeat him.

Ironically, Trump beat Hillary just about as bad as Obama beat Romney during his presidential run.

Go Back Under Your Rock

Romney clearly thought he had far more influence than he did during the presidential election.

He threw support to both Rubio and Cruz during the primary, and they both crashed and burned.

Romney made a mockery of the presidential general election by writing in a vote for his wife, Ann.

Every time he opened up his mouth during election season, he was ridiculed and dismissed by most Americans.

After all of that, Trump thought about extending Romney an olive branch when Romney expressed interest in being Secretary of State.

Romney has proven to be everything Americans hate about politicians.

He is disingenuous, greedy, self-serving, and a hypocrite.

Thankfully, Mike Huckabee called him out on all those fronts.

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