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Romney Blasts Trump Administration Over Mueller Report Findings

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has crawled out from under his rock to take a cheap shot at President Trump.

After seeing the redacted version of the Mueller report, Romney stated he was “sickened at the extent of pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President.”

What About Obama?

Romney was a major critic of Donald Trump during the presidential election.

He has constantly railed against him, with Trump supporters seeing a streak of envy in that Trump accomplished what Romney could not in winning the White House.

While Romney is using the Mueller report to begin another attack against Trump, we have to wonder why he has been so quiet about everything else.

He kept his mouth shut during voter fraud scams, Hillary’s email, and many of the other problems plaguing the Democrat party.

He has also not said a word about the glaring problem for the Obama administration that was revealed in the Mueller report.

Barack Obama knew about Russian meddling as far back as 2014 and did nothing about it.

As expected, President Trump responded to Romney’s statement to quickly put Romney back in his place…

Much Ado About Nothing

While there are definitely some things in that report that do not bode well for Trump, much of the report is being twisted by Democrats.

For instance, any sitting president would make the comment Trump made about the investigation being “the end” of the administration.

Regardless if you did something bad or not, the fact the investigation would be hanging over the administration would be a clear problem, and it turned out to be exactly that for Trump.

Even though he was exonerated on collusion, the cloud of wrongdoing hung over the administration for the last two years.

Secondly, many of the claims being made seem more about perception than anything else.

Trump asking for advice or options could easily be perceived as something far more nefarious.

Like most of America, we are hoping to see a full version of the report before making any concrete statements about it.

There are definitely some concerns present, but Romney should be asking Obama for answers as well as hammering Dems over their incessant claims of collusion, especially Adam Schiff, when Mueller clearly exonerated Trump on these charges.

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