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HUD Secretary Carson Defends Eviction of Undocumented Immigrants with Epic Response

Ben Carson does not exactly evoke confidence when he gets called in to speak to Congress, but he did land one nice shot this week.

While being grilled over a new HUD plan to evict illegals in favor of legal residents and citizens, Carson challenged Congress to explain to taxpayers why they are being moved to the back of the list in favor of illegals.

Shining Moment

Carson definitely had his challenges during this hearing.

On several occasions, he was made to look like a buffoon by Democrats for not knowing acronyms he should have known.

Just like sharks, when they saw blood in the water, the rest of the party piled on, even using a bogus acronym at one point to try to trip him up further.

Carson, however, recovered nicely and landed a solid gut punch during one exchange.

The debate here was over evicting illegal immigrant families using public housing in favor of legal residents and citizens.

Democrats claim this is unfair, as it could displace thousands of families.

Carson responded, “It seems only logical that tax-paying American citizens should be taken care of first.

“It’s not that we’re cruel, mean-hearted, it’s that we are logical.

“This is common sense.

“You take care of your own first.”

Now Is Your Chance

Carson went on to say the proposal gives ample time for these families to find new homes or for the Democrats to get immigration legislation passed.

HUD says it plans on giving these families 18 months warning before booting them, more than enough time for Congress to get its act together.

Then he really landed a killer shot.

Carson stated, “Congress has a responsibility for making the laws that govern this, and they have the ability to change that.

“If, in fact, you want to explain to the American citizens who have been on the waitlist for several years … why we should continue to support families who are not here legally, I would be happy to join you in explaining that.”

Game, set, match… Carson.

Source: DC Caller

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