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Joe Biden Attracts Big-Money Donors After Candidacy Announcement

Former Vice President and twice-failed presidential candidate Joe Biden hit the ground running this week.

Within 24 hours of announcing his campaign, Biden found $6.3 million in his war chest to spend during the election.

Taking the Lead

Biden had been considered a favorite in this race weeks before he actually announced his candidacy.

While the media was waiting, apparently so were the pocketbooks of thousands of Americans.

Biden’s campaign stated that the money came courtesy of more than 96,000 donors.

The good news for Biden is all of this money is available during the primary to do battle with his 19 fellow Democrats in the race.

Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield stated, “We are incredibly heartened by the energy displayed throughout the country for Joe Biden.”

The Real Test

Virtually every candidate in the race got a major boost on day one, but this race is all about stamina.

While the Democrat party is excited to see Biden filling the cash register, they will be even more excited when the big donor money starts to pile in and the Super PACs align themselves with Biden.

Unlike many of his competitors, Biden has not sworn off the deep pockets of PACs and lobbyists.

Speaking of big money donors…

Biden wasted no time at all in reaching out to deep pockets.

His first fundraiser was ripe with megadonors and lobbyists.

As what appears to be the most moderate Democrat in the field, Biden is also reaching out to some GOP donors to show he is willing to work with both parties.

According to reports, Daniel Hilferty was at the event.

Don’t bother Googling his name, because there is little reason for anyone in the real world to know it.

However, for politicians against Medicare-for-All, he is a meal ticket.

Hilferty sits on the board of America’s Health Insurance Plans, one of the major organization’s fighting against Bernie’s proposal.

This is very interesting in that someone like Hilferty is surely going to back a Republican in the general election, as his history only shows Republican donations.

However, he may be willing to shell out some cash in the primary just to ensure Sanders does not make it through.

If this is a sign of things to come, Bernie could be in some big trouble.

Source: CNN

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