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Judge Napolitano Fires Back at Nadler’s Claim of a ‘Constitutional Crisis’

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano has apparently had a recent change of heart.

After months of shredding the Trump Administration, Fox News legal expert Judge Napolitano is suddenly defending Trump, all but accusing Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and his fellow Democrats of making much ado about nothing.

Not a Crisis

For most of last week, Rep. Nadler told anyone that would listen the Trump administration was creating a constitutional crisis.

His statement was in response to the Trump administration as well as Trump associates blatantly ignoring congressional subpoenas.

Obviously, at the center of all this was Attorney General Barr refusing to hand over a completely unredacted version of the Mueller report.

Napolitano addressed this issue, stating, “by law, the Attorney General did the right thing with respect to redaction.

“But when you get a subpoena, which is presumed valid even if it’s politically motivated, it’s presumed valid, it’s a legal document, you can’t sit on it.

“If you can’t comply with it, you file a motion before the appropriate judge to quash it, that’s the word we use, meaning either get rid of it, modify it, or authorize me to comply with it.”

He further stated, “Do we have a constitutional crisis in my opinion? We don’t.

“We would have a constitutional crisis if the courts ordered the president or the Congress to do something and either of them defied the courts.

“That’s the crisis.

“Right now, it’s just a clash.”

Mistakes Made

While Napolitano defused Nadler’s call of a constitutional crisis, he did not let Barr completely off the hook, either.

According to Napolitano, Barr made a mistake by not going to the courts right out of the gate on this.

He stated, “That’s the mistake, I think, the DOJ made by not doing that and letting it get to the contempt stage.

“If they had brought it before a judge, the judge would have said, ‘You know, I’m going to read the redacted portions and I’ll decide what can be released,’ and then the issue is over with because the judge’s ruling would stand.

“Whoever lost would appeal.

“Who knows if they would even take the appeal if it would go to the Supreme Court.”

As we have stated before, by the rule of law, what Nadler is asking Barr to do is against the law.

If Barr complies with the subpoena and turns over Grand Jury testimony, technically, he is breaking the law.

Additionally, Barr still has an open invitation to Democrat leadership to view a less-redacted version of the report, something none of them have accepted to this point.

Nadler and company are trying to instill fear by making Trump out to be a self-proclaimed monarch when it is actually the Democrats that are abusing their power.

Source: Fox News

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