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Trump Rips Judge Napolitano, Answers HUGE Question

Up until several months ago, Judge Napolitano was a voice of reason regarding constant Democrat attacks against Trump.

That changed recently and Napolitano has offered nothing but a steady dose of criticism and accusations against Trump and his administration.

Donald Trump solved the riddle this weekend by revealing Judge Napolitano approached him about being a Supreme Court Justice and Trump shot him down.

The Judge

For those of you not familiar with Napolitano, his credentials are impeccable, but not necessarily Supreme Court worthy.

Napolitano was a New Jersey Superior Court Judge from 1987 to 1995.

As such, he would have been very familiar with Donald Trump and how he went about his business.

Trump owned numerous casinos in Atlantic City, NJ and was a very high-profile real estate developer and business owner in the area.

After his time on the court, Napolitano authored nine books and returned to private practice.

Additionally, he served as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University of Law as well as serving as a visiting law professor for Brooklyn Law School.

Again, a distinguished career, but not exactly worthy of a Supreme Court nomination.

Turning Against Trump

I have often wondered what happened to change Napolitano’s outlook on Trump, especially because he was such as avid defender of Trump during the campaign and in the early days of his administration.

Napolitano was actually one of the first people to bring to light the possibility the Trump campaign was spied on by both the Obama administration and British intelligence.

Little did we know at the time, at least as far as the Obama administration was concerned, he was right.

As the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were happening, the attitude of Napolitano started to change a bit.

Within a few weeks, he became heavily critical of Trump.

More recently, he hinted that Trump could possibly be found guilty of obstruction.

When he said that, most Fox viewers could not believe their ears that he had completely flipped about the administration and what had happened to Trump.

On Saturday, President Trump shed some light on this with two tweets…

The timeline fits perfectly, so now it is just a matter of hearing Napolitano’s side of the argument.

There were definitely rumors at the time that Trump was considering Napolitano, but we never heard it was Napolitano that actually broached the subject.

If what Trump says is, in fact, true, Napolitano has no right serving in his current role on Fox News.

He is supposed to be a legal pundit weighing the facts and giving a sound legal opinion to support the facts.

Lately, he has just been giving an opinion and as Trump hinted, sounds more like a hurt puppy dog than the brilliant legal mind we know him to be.

We all wanted to know what changed Napolitano… and now we know.

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