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Justice Department Makes Conditional Concession with Adam Schiff

The Justice Department has reached out to Rep. Adam Schiff and is willing to bargain.

According to reports, the Justice Department said it will hand over its intelligence materials related to the Mueller report IF Schiff gets the House to back off over “enforcement action” against Attorney General William Barr.

Who Blinks First

The House seems deadset on putting someone, anyone, from this administration behind bars.

Virtually every Trump current and former staffer that has been subpoenaed has tossed the document in the can and gone about their business.

The Justice Department has maintained all along it is willing to work with the House, but these things take time.

Democrats counter with time being of the essence and they want the information now, or people are going to go to jail.

In an initial olive branch, AG Barr told ranking Democrats they could view a different version of the Mueller report with fewer redactions.

While Republican leadership reportedly took the AG up on his offer, not one Democrat did.

This, by the way, was an offer that went widely unreported in the mainstream media so the liberal media could imply Barr was being uncooperative with the Democrats.

Barr is now extending yet another olive branch to Dems in offering up the documents Schiff has been demanding all along.

Work with Us

The only thing the Justice Department is asking is what it has been asking for all along, patience.

There are reportedly 12 categories of documents Rep. Schiff wants to review.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd stated, “The Department has already begun the process of identifying, locating, and reviewing the materials potentially responsive to the categories of the documents.

“A process that will not continue should the Committee take the unnecessary and unproductive step of moving to hold the Attorney General in contempt.”

It is worth noting here that under a similar situation, then-Attorney General Holder was given roughly 18 months before Republicans moved forward with holding him in contempt (for not turning over Fast and Furious documents).

While it may seem longer, this ordeal is not even two months old, and Democrats are threatening to put Barr in jail.

If they would just back off with the drama and allow this man to do his job, he appears to be very cooperative.

That is not how they want him to appear, though, because that does not suit their narrative.

Democrats just want to put someone from this administration in jail to make themselves look better for the 2020 election as well as hurting Trump’s chances of being re-elected.

They are not interested in the truth, they are only interested in creating a narrative of a corrupt administration to regain power in both the Senate and the White House.

Source: CNN

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