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Mexican Authorities Announce Massive Border Arrests

The crisis at our southern border is far from over, but the situation does appear to be getting better.

So far, Mexico is living up to its part of the bargain with President Trump, announcing a mass arrest at the border on Saturday.

Disturbing Reports

We first heard about the arrests early yesterday, and reports were already grim.

Today, however, video is out that shows the situation to be far worse than we had even suspected.

The conditions these people were being held in is reprehensible, proving once and for all Democrats need to get on board to sit down with Republicans for real immigration reform, not political grandstanding.

Stop Promoting the Problem

One of the biggest challenges we face is the fact Democrats continue to torpedo immigration legislation with clauses to promote more illegal immigration.

When they do this, they only promote the conditions you saw in that video.

More people will drag their children across the desert and stuff them into trucks knowing full well if they can just make it to the border, the Dems will have their backs.

We need to increase penalties and make it tougher, not easier, to discourage individuals from breaking the law to come to our country.

Get in line, do it the right way, and you are more than welcome.

Mexico Getting Tougher

It truly is sad that Mexico has done more recently to address this issue than our own representatives.

This mass arrest, which netted almost 800 illegals, is proof of that.

If Mexican authorities had not stopped those trucks, all of those individuals would be on U.S. soil right now.

Based on the conditions inside those trucks, you just know illnesses would have come with them.

So far, Mexico stated it has deployed 1,000 immigration agents to the northern and southern borders of the country.

Soon, 6,000 troops will be deployed throughout the country to further assist.

Unfortunately, on the United States side, there is zero progress to report other than wall construction that had to be forced through by President Trump.

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