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Minnesota Turns on Rep. Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) is finally starting to lose the support of her voters.

Earlier this week, the largest publication in Minnesota, the Star Tribune, absolutely blasted Rep. Omar for her behavior, including her most recent problems with taxes.

Bad Behavior

Omar has been consistently in the news since she won her election, but it has not exactly been flattering press.

We all know about her anti-Semitic comments by now, however, this issue was more related to her tax problems and campaign finance violations.

The piece, which was authored by the Editorial Board of the Star Tribune was titled, “Ilhan Omar’s credibility takes another hit.”

The board stated, “It’s not too much to expect that a lawmaker would check with a tax attorney on a rather complicated marital status before filing.

“And when questions arise, it’s a violation to use campaign funds to clear up those personal issues, as Omar apparently did.

“If this pattern continues, further investigation may be necessary.

“Omar could have avoided nearly every infraction by taking simple measures in advance to determine whether her actions would pass legal muster.

“Omar’s political rise has been marred by a series of unforced errors, including intemperate remarks and tweets earlier this year that were widely perceived as anti-Semitic.

“Every month seems to bring a fresh problem.

“Omar has a special obligation to be worthy of the trust so many have placed in her, including many still-new Americans who expect better.”

Big Problems for Omar

Up until now, most of the scrutiny on Omar has been from conservative publications.

While some local groups have spoken out about their disappointment in Omar, this is by far the most damaging thing that has been written about her among her supporters.

Not even a year into her first term, Omar has now been censured, found guilty of campaign finance violations, and is under investigation for filing fraudulent tax returns.

If the people of Minnesota are smart, they will cut their losses right now and elect someone else to that seat in the upcoming elections.

Source: Star Tribune

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