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More Than 1000 Undocumented Immigrants Captured at Texas Border

Early Wednesday morning, a massive group of illegal immigrants was apprehended by border patrol along the El Paso, Texas southern border.

Border Patrol stated there were a total of 1,036 illegals apprehended, which is believed to be the single largest group ever encountered by the Border Patrol.

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A disturbing trend has been seen by the Border Patrol in recent months.

Immigrants are no longer trying to sneak into the country in dribs and drabs.

Instead, they are crossing in much larger groups.

So far this year, the Border Patrol has encountered 13 groups that consisted of 100 or more people in them.

Up until Wednesday, the largest single group attempting to cross had been 424.

Of the 1,036 immigrants, 934 were traveling in family units.

There were also 63 unaccompanied minors and 39 adults.

So far, everyone that has been processed traveled through Mexico originating from Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador).

Trump’s Response

Earlier Thursday, President Trump announced he was going to make his biggest announcement ever regarding measures being taken to stop illegal immigration.

As we reported earlier today, that measure was in applying escalating tariffs against Mexico.

The tariff will start out at five percent and escalate to as much as 25 percent by October if Mexico does not work with the United States to stop this flow through its territory.

Mexican leadership has already sent a delegation to the United States to negotiate with the administration.

Support so far for the measure has been mixed within the party itself and harshly criticized by the Democrats.

Source: NBCDFW

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