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Mueller Team Pushed Back Against Barr Summary Report

Members of the Mueller team are giving Democrats a little more fuel for their fire against Attorney General Barr.

According to a New York Times report, several members of the Mueller team are claiming the Barr summary report to Congress fell short of their investigative findings on obstruction of justice.

The unnamed members of the Mueller team stated they believe there were “acute” findings regarding the obstruction charge.

Conflicting Reports

Mueller’s report, which is 400 pages long, is currently under review by Attorney General Barr.

While he has released a summary report to Congress, he has not yet released a full report, as he in the process of redacting any classified information.

The unnamed sources in the NYT story stated that Mueller had included summary reports that could be released with his report.

However, the Justice Department said those summary reports contained classified information that would have had to be removed.

The fear of the unnamed sources now is that public opinion on Trump will already have formed and their work, regardless of what it says, will fall on deaf ears.

Democrats Latch on to Report

This information has reenergized the efforts of Democrats to get the full, unredacted version of the report as soon as possible.

The NYT story has also started to elicit accusations that Barr is protecting President Trump.

For his part, Barr is getting extremely frustrated by the actions of Congress and the media regarding his initial summary report.

Barr is also apparently aggravated the Mueller did not make the outright call in his report on the obstruction allegations.

While all of this is going on, Barr has maintained that he will issue the report by mid-April.

That timeline, however, was unacceptable to Democrats, who have filed an authorization for subpoenas earlier this week.

While they have yet to act on the authorizations, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has stated he will use them if he does not get to see the full report soon.

It really is hard to make sense of all this because we know Mueller’s team had a large contingent of Democrats.

At this point, it seems as though it is coming down to semantics on how the disgruntled Mueller team members viewed the obstruction evidence and how Barr worded the findings.

In the end, this is just going to be another bump in the road for Trump, but it will allow Democrats to preach to the high heavens until Barr releases the full report.

It also is a precursor to Democrats finding even a single thread to pull on once the report is released to keep this narrative going deep into the 2020 election.

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