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Report: Obama Campaign Tied to Funding for Fusion GPS

Former President Barack Obama has just been hit with a report that could permanently damage his legacy (if there is still anything left of it).

A new report revealed the Barack Obama campaign sent almost $1 million to a law firm that was financing Fusion GPS.

Damning Evidence

Fusion GPS, as you may recall, was the company that brokered the Steele Dossier.

That dossier, although debunked in great part by then-FBI Director James Comey, was also used by Comey as supporting evidence to secure FISA warrants against Trump.

We now know Obama for America (OFA) paid more than $972,000 to Perkins Cole.

There were three batches of payments made by OFA to Perkins Cole:

April 2016 – $98,047

September 2016 – $700,000

August 2017 – $174,725

Both Hillary Clinton and the DNC also paid money to the same firm.

Hillary’s campaign paid Perkins Cole a total of $5.1 million and the DNC paid roughly $5.4 million to the firm.

This is of importance because according to federal court records, Marc Elias was the attorney used to disburse funds to Fusion GPS.

Marc Elias, as it turns out, is an attorney for Perkins Cole.

Muddy Water

It is not so much that the Obama campaign paid Perkins Cole as it is the timing and the amount of money.

Every campaign has legal fees to pay, but this is just odd in that Obama was not running for office and the amounts paid are in the timeframe and amount it was believed that Fusion GPS received to finish the Steele Dossier on Trump.

The point here is that it becomes harder and harder to believe that Barack Obama, as the sitting president, was not aware of what Hillary and the DNC were doing to try to discredit Donald Trump.

You can read the full report on The Federalist.

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