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Pence Defends Trump’s Immigration Policy

Recent rhetoric from the Democrat party has put Mike Pence in a position to set the record straight.

As rumors swirl about family separations resuming, Vice President Mike Pence said that is not the case and will not be the case moving forward.

Defending Trump

After the firing of Homeland Secretary Nielsen, the media and some Democrats have started rumors that Trump fired her so he could begin separating families at the border.

On that issue, Mike Pence stated, “The President made it very clear this week, we’re not rethinking bringing back family separation.”

All this got started as the reasons behind Nielsen’s firing started to surface.

Trump has been on her for some time to get tougher on immigration, but her hands were tied considerably.

Additionally, Nielsen was not necessarily an in-your-face type of person.

Having said that, she was enforcing the laws as they were written.

One major area where she and Trump apparently differed was in how illegals would be handled when they were released.

According to recent reports, President Trump wanted her to release illegals into sanctuary cities when detention limits expired.

Ending Catch and Release

One of the major problems with the immigration laws right now are the detention limits put on authorities.

ICE resembles more of a sport fishing contest than it does an immigration enforcement agency, especially with the uptick we have seen over the last two months.

The agency has no choice but to release illegals after a specific period of time.

As is stands now, most illegals end up being released within 48-72 hours of their apprehension.

Part of the problem is the system is so overloaded, authorities cannot get them in front of a judge within that mandated time.

After 72 hours, the illegals must be given a Notice to Appear (NTA), then they are generally released and authorities hope they appear on their hearing date.

The Trump administration was trying to send illegals back to bordering Mexico towns while they awaited their hearing, but a liberal judge struck that down.

Point being, now they get released here and far too many of them simply disappear within the country rather than return for their hearing day out of fear of being deported.

On this issue, Pence stated, “We’ve got to close the loopholes in our law. We’ve got to end ‘catch and release.’ We’ve got to reform our asylum system.”

The problem with that is the administration would need Democrats to get on board and that will never happen.

Since they have control of the House, for the time being at least, this broken system will continue to operate as is for the foreseeable future.

Source: CNN

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