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President Threatens to ‘End’ Iran

Iran decided to tempt fate on Sunday when it launched a rocket that landed roughly a mile from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Moments later, Trump sent what appears to be the last courtesy warning Iran will get from this president…

Sending a Message

Iran has been playing a very dangerous game over the last few weeks and now the stakes are considerably higher.

The United States intelligence agencies noticed considerable movement by Iranian forces beginning several weeks ago.

It appeared as though Iran was positioning itself to conduct a strike.

The response by the administration was to send a carrier strike force into the area.

When Iran heard of the move, several high-ranking Iranian officials warned Trump to back off.

While messages at the highest levels were less severe, they were still veiled threats.

All the while, the United States was adamant it was not looking for a war, just protecting its interests in case Iran decided to make move.

Well, they have officially made a move and the message was heard loud and clear in Washington.

Time for the Big Stick

After the carrier strike force arrived in the Arabian Sea, exercises were conducted to ready the force.

The missile strike appears to be a retaliatory measure for those exercises.

The strike group is expected to head to the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic area of the Persian Gulf that is key to the oil trade.

In the meantime, the Saudis are already getting into the mix, claiming Iran conducted a strike against several of its tankers as well as a drone strike on a Saudi pipeline.

The Saudis have scheduled a meeting later this month for the Arab heads of state to discuss the latest developments.

Iran has set a deadline of July 7 for a new nuclear deal to be reached, replacing the Obama deal Trump pulled out of earlier.

The Iranians have stated if a deal is not reached by that time, they will resume high-level uranium enrichment, putting them that much closer to having nuclear capabilities.

The media is already hammering the Trump administration, claiming it is trying to create its own war, but Iran is the clear aggressor here.

While Trump may not be looking for war, it is highly unlikely he will shy away from one if Iran continues down this path.

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