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Top Iranian Adviser Threatens Trump with ‘War’

Tensions between Iran and the United States are definitely on the rise after President Trump ordered a carrier strike force to the area earlier this month.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s top adviser, Hesamoddin Ashena, sent a not-so-veiled threat to President Trump on Tuesday, telling Trump he was about “to get a war.”

Not Backing Down

Generally, we would expect the Iranian Ambassador to temper these comments and try to distinguish and rising tensions, but the complete opposite happened.

Hamid Baeidinejad, who is currently serving as the Iranian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, warned Trump “Don’t test us.”

He further stated the Iranian military is “fully ready” to engage the United States in a war if need be.

Baeidinejad stated, “While we have renounced any escalation in the region, I would assure you that Iranian armed forces are fully ready for any eventuality in the region, so they should not try to test the determination of Iran to confront any escalation in the region.”

Not So Fast

While the advisors and ambassadors sounded ready to drop the gloves, the Ayatollah pumped the breaks before things got really out of hand.

He is no doubt quite aware that President Trump is not going to back down from a fight and did his best to get this escalation under control.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated, “This is not a military confrontation, because no war is going to happen.”

While he made that claim, however, there was still an overall threatening tone to his message.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also took a diplomatic approach to the situation.

Pompeo stated, “We fundamentally do not seek a war with Iran, we’re looking for the regime to simply stop conducting assassination campaigns throughout Europe.”

As expected, Trump took a bit of a harsher tone with Iran.

The President stated if Iran decided to move forward with any type of attack, the country would “suffer greatly.”

Source: Fox News

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