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President Trump Reverses Obama’s Tyrant-Friendly Cuban Policies

President Trump is sending a clear message to socialists both here and abroad that their tyrant-like rule will not be tolerated by this administration.

While in Florida to honor veterans of J.F.K.’s failed Bay of Pigs invasion, the administration announced a series of sanctions and restrictions being put in place against not only Cuba but also Venezuela and Nicaragua.

New Cuban Restrictions

The restrictions being put in place are meant to put a stranglehold on the socialist regime in the hopes of literally buckling it financially.

Some of the new measures are:

  • Non-family travel is being restricted
  • Remittances of only $1,000/quarter
  • Prohibition of direct financial transactions with any entity tied to the Cuban military, intelligence or security services
  • Property owners who fled the Castro regime may now file lawsuits for any property that has been used by other companies

On the new restrictions, John Bolton, National Security Adviser, stated, “While the last administration wanted to improve relations with the tyrants in Havana, and to convince the world that they posed no threat, the Cuban regime tightened its grip and extended its tentacles.”

“These new measures will help steer American dollars away from the Cuban regime, or its military and security services.”

As mentioned above, several measures were also taken against Venezuela and Nicaragua.

On this, Bolton stated, “The United States will use its economic tools to the maximum capacity to constrict Maduro and ensure that his cronies no longer pilfer what rightfully belongs to the people of Venezuela.”

Spain Backlash

As expected, Spain was among the first countries to criticize the move by the Trump administration.

The country is claiming this move will further damage relationships between Europe and the United States.

Additionally, Spain is claiming the move by Trump will create a significant amount of lawsuits and counterclaims.

Spain is considered to be one of the significant foreign investors in Cuba, so this seems to be more about protecting its investment and less about actual outrage over the treatment of Cuban citizens.

Since Obama considered Cuba to be one of his crowning achievements, it is only a matter of time before Democrats come out en masse to criticize him over this.

It will be especially interesting to see the reaction of Bernie Sanders, who has long been a fan of the Cuban regime and is hoping to turn the United States into a socialist country if he becomes president.

You can read the full report on The New York Times.

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