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Princeton Professor Accuses Trump of ‘Terroristic Act’

When Trump announced the immediate deportation of illegals as soon as they enter the country, it did not sit well with liberals, one in particular.

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. actually accused the President of a “terroristic act” for defending the borders of his country against this illegal immigrant invasion.

Since When?

While the first naturalization legislation in this country dates back to 1790, the first “real” immigration legislation was not introduced until 1882.

The Immigration Act of 1882 restricted who could come into this country as well as imposing a tax for the right to do so.

Part of that legislation actually read that “any person unable to take care of him or herself” will not be granted entry to the country.

That is a phrase, many would argue, that describes a considerable amount of the immigrants crossing our southern border these days.

Since that moment, we have enforced our borders.

Nobody called President Arthur a terrorist when he signed that legislation, but oh how things have changed.

What Happened to Rule of Law?

Per our immigration laws, anyone arriving without going through proper channels or having been granted asylum is considered to be an illegal alien.

Democrats are very fond of using the phrase “rule of law,” except, of course, in this case.

Professor Glaude Jr. took it a step further to actually accuse Trump of being a terrorist for simply enforcing the rule of law on immigration.

Furthermore, he made it sound as though Trump gets off on being cruel to people, as if he enjoys this is in some perverse way.

Glaude Jr. stated, “What Donald Trump did yesterday, what he announced via Twitter, and this may sound hyperbolic to some folks, it was a terrorist act.

“He is terrorizing families in communities who think that they’re going to be snatched away from their kids, who have to walk around daily wondering whether an ICE agent will show up at work and snatch them, and they won’t have their family.”

You really have to listen to this clown to fully appreciate how out of control the liberal narrative on this is right now…

Let me put this question to Professor Glaude Jr….

If a U.S. citizen commits a crime and goes on the run, does he or she not look over his or her shoulder in fear of being “snatched up” by the police and taken away from his or her family?

Are police officers terrorists for threatening to capture this person and imprison him or her?

No! Why? Because that person broke the law and they deserve whatever punishment they have coming to them.

Well, I hate to break it to you Professor Gluade Jr., but illegal immigrants ARE criminals!

Had they entered the country legally and done it by the book, they could go on living their lives normally and work hard for a better life like the rest of us.

Whether you want to admit it or not, they ARE on the run and they ARE criminals.

Case closed!

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