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Rep. Nadler Slams Trump Administration in Wake of Subpoenas

President Trump is giving the subpoenas issued by Congress all the respect they deserve, which is absolutely none.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who is behind most of them, is NOT happy and took a massive shot at Trump to voice his displeasure.

Nadler stated, “This is a lawless administration.”

Nadler is Upset

Rep. Nadler has been harassing Trump since the first day he was able to get his hands on the House Judiciary Committee gavel.

He extended his attacks to Barr, actually promoting holding Barr in contempt.

Keep in mind, Nadler actually walked out of Congress when after 18 months went by and Eric Holder refused to cooperate with Congress and he was held in contempt.

Now, Nadler has done a complete 180 and is slamming the administration for not obeying him.

Nadler stated, “It is denying the American people the information they need by defying all subpoenas.

“It’s the first administration you’ve ever seen where they say we’ll deny all subpoenas from Congress whether it’s on the mole investigation or on security clearances or in anything else to defy the law.

“The law very clearly states that upon request by the Ways and Means Committee that the IRS should turn over anybody’s taxes.

“They’re simply ignoring that.

“So they’re ignoring the law and they’re stonewalling and hoping that they can get away with it.

“We cannot have a situation where the president becomes a king or a dictator.”

Ahh, nothing like more fear mongering to try to get your way, Jerry.

Abuse of Power

As I have stated several times, under normal circumstances, I would agree with Nadler, but this is not normal by any means.

Nadler is right in that nobody is above the law, but the law should not be abused to score political points either, which is exactly what Nadler and House Democrats are doing right now.

This is a witch hunt and nothing more.

Trump did nothing wrong in his taxes because if he did, the IRS would have already caught up to him.

There was no collusion, but Democrats are continuing to push that narrative.

If you abuse the office you were elected to, you don’t deserve to have the power it yields.

Nadler whines that Trump must be held accountable, but who is holding Nadler accountable for his blatant abuse of power?

While Republicans gave Holder almost two years to work with them, the Democrats gave Barr two weeks.

Furthermore, what they are actually asking Barr to do is against the law!

Rep. Jerry Nadler did get one thing right in that we are facing a constitutional crisis, but he is the one creating the crisis, not Trump.

Source: Fox News

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