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Rep. Nadler Wants to Indict Donald Trump Jr.

At the very beginning of the Russian investigation, several Democrats vowed if they could not get Donald Trump, they will go after his kids.

That prophecy came true this week, as Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) hinted he may do what Mueller failed to do, indict Donald Trump Jr.

Nadler stated, “I do not understand why he didn’t charge Don Jr.  and others in that famous meeting.”

The ‘Famous’ Meeting

Congressman Nadler was referring to a meeting at Trump Towers with Donald Trump Jr., several other Trump representatives, and some Russian contacts.

There are several different versions of why the meeting was scheduled and how it evolved, depending upon whom you believe.

Regardless, Mueller found that Jr. did nothing wrong and did not indict him, even though Democrats reportedly expected an indictment to come down after both Manafort and Cohen had been indicted.

Now, Democrats are claiming privilege and saying if any of this had happened to anyone other than the Trumps, they would have been indicted.

What About Don Jr.?

Nadler is among those crying about Don Jr. not getting an indictment from Mueller.

On why Trump Jr. should have been charged, Nadler stated, “Well, you don’t have to prove that.

“All you have to prove for the conspiracy is that they entered into a meeting of the minds to do something wrong and had one overt act.

“They entered into a meeting of the minds to attend a meeting to get stolen material on Hillary.

“That’s conspiracy right there.”

Whether or not the alleged material was stolen has never even been brought up before, but Nadler must have decided that added a little extra punch to his accusations.

Mueller looked at all the facts and decided Jr. did nothing wrong for several reasons.

The most notable of which is that he believed Trump Jr. was unaware of any laws that made this meeting illegal.

This is something that is extremely important to understand because similar wording was used by Comey when he let Hillary off the hook in the email scandal.

The difference in those cases, though, is that Hillary had spent her entire life in politics and had no excuse to be ignorant of how to handle classified emails.

Furthermore, Hillary scrubbing her servers showed something nefarious was afoot.

Point being, if Nadler wants to go after Trump Jr. after Mueller ruled in that manner, he better open the books back up on Hillary and come to the conclusion every reasonable American has already come to.

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