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Sen. Graham Says Russians Are ‘Coming at us again’

According to Senator Graham (R-SC), election problems are far from over.

During a weekend interview, Senator Graham stated the Russians are “coming at us again.”

Election Problems Far from Over

Russian hacking, as we know now through the Mueller report, started as far back as the 2014 mid-term elections.

The Obama administration did nothing for more than two years other than a verbal lashing.

Finally, after the 2016 elections were over and Obama gave Hillary a built-in excuse for her loss, Obama hit Russia with some ceremonial sanctions.

It now appears as though we need to hit Russia much harder, as they have not stopped trying to infiltrate our election system.

Senator Graham stated, “This is a big deal, this isn’t a few Facebook ads.

“They actually got into the email system of the Democratic Party…An attack on one party is an attack on all.

“Everything we’ve done with the Russians is not working

“We need more sanctions, not less. More sanctions now.”

He continued, “The takeaway for me is they were very involved in the 2016 election, and they’re coming at us again.

“I’d like to stop them.

“And one way to stop them is to make them pay a price.”

Trump Confidant

Senator Graham, even though he is a member of the establishment, has Trump’s ear.

Since Trey Gowdy retired, Senator Graham has been willing to take on the roll of the trouble maker in the party.

Oddly enough, he has shown loyalty to Trump, even though Graham is part of that establishment Trump vowed to rid DC of when he was running for office.

Trump has rewarded Graham with loyalty of his own.

This has earned Graham the right to call out Trump in public when he believes the President to be off course and avoid the usual Trump Twitter rage that others have faced.

In this case, though, Graham is 100 percent correct… the Russians must be stopped and they must be stopped now.

We cannot allow Putin to decide who gets elected in this country and the only thing that will apparently work is slamming them with sanctions to put a death grip on their finances.

In this case, Trump would be wise to listen to the counsel of Graham.

Source: Fox News

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