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Texas Farmers Have Their Own Way of Protecting the Border

Texas farmers have decided if Democrats won’t help Trump control the immigration problem, they are going to take matters into their own hands.

Mike Vickers is a Texas farmer, but he is also the chairman of the Texas Border Volunteers, a Texas militia group of about 300 members that patrols the border regularly.

Texas Border Volunteers

Vickers, who is 69-years-old, started this group about two decades ago.

Today, he says they are still having the same problems they did in the 90s.

We’re still dealing with the bad guys from Mexico,” Vickers stated.

He stated very simply, “This is war.”

The area where Mr. Vickers lives is ripe with illegal crossings almost every day.

He is about five miles south of the closest immigration checkpoint.

The only thing keeping illegals out at this point are some less-than-intimidating fences and the Volunteers.

Since 1998, Vickers stated he has personally found more than 100 dead bodies on the terrain.

He stated, “We always investigate a buzzard or a bad smell.”

Vickers and all of his Volunteers are respectful of the law and keep their weapons out of sight, but make no mistake about it, they are all armed to the teeth.

Vickers happens to carry my personal favorite handgun, “The Judge,” along with several other pistols and a rifle in his SUV.

Even though this group is ready for battle if need be, Vickers is adamant they have yet to fire a shot at an immigrant and always allow Border Patrol to come in and take care of business.

Since the government won’t put up a border wall, Vickers has installed his own 220-volt fence around his ranch.

It’s an Invasion

Democrats say there is no border crisis, but Rusty Monsees disagrees.

When asked about the illegal crossing problem, Monsees stated, “It’s not an influx we have. It’s an invasion.”

Monsees, who is 71-years-old and a former police officer, lives about 200 miles away from Vickers in Brownsville, Texas, but he has much the same problem.

The fencing that was put up during the Bush administration is doing little to keep the immigrants out, so Monsees, like Vickers, has taken matters into his own hands.

Recently, the Texas farmer said Border Patrol filled up “12 busloads in a three-hour period.”

These are the individuals that live with the illegal immigrant problem every day of their life.

The noise they hear outside their window is just as likely to be an illegal as it is a wild animal.

The individuals responsible for escorting the illegals over the border are where the real danger lies for these Texas farmers, though.

Vickers was recently threatened by one of the smugglers, who Vickers stated monitor their radio communications all the time.

Vickers stated, “He said in Spanish, ‘I’m going to hunt you down and chop you into a thousand pieces with my machete.”

He is going to have to better than that to scare off Vickers and his Volunteers, though, as Vickers is adamant they are staying put to defend their land.

You can read the full report on The New York Post.

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