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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Democrat Primary Field a ‘Clown Car’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was in rare form when he took the stage at the National Rifle Association‘s annual meeting.

When it came time to discuss the Democrat field, Cruz stated, “We see the 2020 Democrat primary field – you do have to wonder if it’s a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit.

“It’s a clown care and they keep getting crazier clowns, one after the other.”

Protecting the Constitution

While Cruz had more than a few well-timed jokes, he also addressed some very serious issues about this election.

Cruz called out all of the Democrats for their assault on the Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment.

His breakdown on the Amendment and what it really is about and how Democrats portray it is moving.

As Cruz stated, this is NOT about hunting but rather our fundamental right as Americans to protect ourselves and our families.

Know What You Are Arguing

Another point Cruz made that should be noted by Americans is that Democrats simply do not understand what they are talking about.

Cruz stated, “The funny thing is, you see, [Democrats] call for [banning automatic weapons] but they don’t even know what a semi-automatic weapon is.

“It’s sort of like their made-up title of ‘assault weapon,’ which when you read the legislation they draft, it really means ‘scary looking guns.’”

He also stressed the point gun control needs to be more about enforcing laws on the books rather than creating new, useless legislation.

When agencies do not properly report crimes, people slip through the system.

When laws on the books are not enforced and criminals are allowed to walk free, you cannot fault the weapons for the future crimes they commit.

Point being, and as I have said hundreds of times, it is not about the weapon, it IS, however, about the person using that weapon.

Cruz’s speech was about 20 minutes, and every second of it is worth listening to…

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