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Trump Administration Prepares Mueller Report Response

With the Mueller report finally out, the Trump team is getting ready to respond.

According to reports, the Trump administration is preparing a response that will concentrate on the possible “acute” evidence of obstruction of justice.

Mueller Report Release

Earlier this week, Barr announced he would be releasing a redacted version of the report today.

The report, as expected, is heavily redacted, but as promised, Barr has put summary notes on the redactions to make the gist of the redaction clear to the reader.

In his initial summary report, Barr completely exonerated Trump on any charges of collusion.

However, he was less precise on the obstruction charges.

Barr stated the Mueller report found the evidence of collusion was “not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction-of-justice offense.”

We already know Democrats are hoping to find a thread to pull on to attack Trump, which is why the administration is already preparing its defense against any possible obstruction evidence.

A source close to the administration told Fox News, “They assumed all along that there was going to be a finding of no collusion, so the rebuttal is about obstruction.

“They are preparing a rebuttal to presumed allegations, which will be refuted.”

Damage Control

Since the Mueller report resulted in no indictments on collusion, Trump has more or less won this battle.

The challenge now is to get this report out of the news cycle as quickly as possible.

Even though Democrats will throw mud at every opportunity, a solid rebuttal will more than likely put this all to rest rather quickly.

Democrats were hanging their hats on collusion as a way to take Trump down, but they will take the second prize of obstruction if they can find it.

Moving forward, we can expect Democrats to call Mueller before their committees in an effort to drag more information out of him over the report.

At this point, they are willing to do anything to get some dirt on Trump to remove him from office, but the dirt does not appear to be there.

However, this ordeal is far from over for Trump.

If Democrats cannot find a thread to pull in the Mueller report, they are more than likely going to continue to go after Trump’s business practices and his taxes.

In fact, Democrats have already announced several investigations as well as Illinois being the first state to require a presidential candidate to reveal tax forms in order to be on the ballot.

That measure, however, will more than likely end up in court, as it is not a federal requirement and the state of Illinois has not made that stipulation for any of its local elections.

Source: Fox News

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