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Trump Infuriates Dems with ‘Good Friday’ Pictures

While Democrats were railing against the Mueller report and Barr as well as going crazy over Trump’s plan to send illegals into sanctuary cities, President Trump added a little more fuel to the fire with a great “Good Friday” picture.

Trump spent a portion of the day playing golf with none other than Rush Limbaugh, a well-known conservative pundit that pokes Democrats every chance he gets…

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Right Wing President

When Trump announced he would be playing golf on Good Friday, everyone started to speculate who would be on the guest list to play with him.

Would it be Tiger Woods, fresh off his Masters win?

Nope, instead, it was Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh has been a successful conservative radio host for years and while he really doesn’t get into conspiracy theories, he does attack liberals and Democrats every chance he gets.

That picture with Trump and Rush smiling from ear-to-ear sent the liberal horde into a massive tailspin, which is more than likely exactly what Trump was trying to accomplish.

A second picture went out with the two of them and professional golfer Lexi Thompson.

It would be no surprise if liberals started heckling Thompson at her next tour stop now that she has taken a picture with our commander in chief.

Mueller Report Criticism

Rush Limbaugh has been very critical of the Mueller investigation from the outset.

He was on record calling the investigation “a manufactured coup” long before we had the report.

Now that the report came away empty, albeit it loaded with crumbs for Democrats to nibble on, Rush will more than likely come out hitting it harder than ever.

It would actually not be a surprise if he and Trump were working out a media strategy to shred the report to bits over the next week.

Trump will have to stay on the offensive because Democrats are simply not going to let obstruction go away.

They want to drag this out through at least the election and possibly continue to use this as grounds for impeachment if Trump gets re-elected.

This means Trump must have a strategy to get the public to dismiss the bogus allegations Democrats are making and win more Americans over to ensure they pull the handle for him on election day.

Rush Limbaugh will surely be a part of that game plan.

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