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Trump Puts the Brakes on Deportation Plan

Today was supposed to be the first day more than one million illegal immigrants slated for deportation were to be rounded up and sent home.

That is not happening, however, because Donald Trump granted Democrats their request of delaying deportations for two weeks while they attempt to generate proper immigration legislation.

Why Give In?

Honestly, I was furious when I first read about this and still am.

According to reports, Nancy Pelosi herself was involved in the pitch to the President to put this plan on the backburner.

This is the same woman that has accused Trump of being involved in a cover-up and dangles impeachment accusations to the press every day while not having any evidence or the guts to back up her claims with action.

Yet, for some reason, Trump caved and is giving them the time they requested.

Trump has been in office for two years and even when Republicans had the power, they were unable to get Dems to come to the table for meaningful immigration reform.

What possibly makes him think the Pelosi-led House is now going to change that tack?

This was a colossal and far-reaching mistake by Trump.

Political Move

This request was made by Dems to hurt Trump politically at a time when his numbers are surging and their key candidate, Joe Biden, is crashing and burning.

They asked Trump for this concession knowing full well his base would be infuriated, and they are.

The individuals being given a stay are under orders by federal judges to be deported.

Are we now to believe this administration, after having boasted such toughness against illegal immigration, is somehow willing to include these types of illegals amnesty as well as the DREAMers?

If they are somehow granted a path to citizenship, these particular illegals would then add yet another four or five million when chain migration is factored in.

This is NOT what we were promised by Trump when he was elected to office.

Negotiate with the DREAMers if you must to get what we want, but giving in to this request has once again given Democrats the upper hand.

First, Republicans stripped out the border wall funding and actually provided a provision within that law to block funds from other departments being reallocated for border wall construction use.

Now, Trump himself has given Democrats a victory on a silver platter.

Over the last week, our hopes of getting immigration under control have been shattered. There is simply no other way to describe it other than that.

Source: NBCDFW

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