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Trump Takes Vicious Swipe at FBI Director Wray

Some very interesting things have happened over the last few weeks that have created a rift between President Trump and his new FBI Director, Christopher Wray.

Those events did not get past President Trump, who agreed with Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, after retweeting a quote from Fitton, stating, “The FBI has no leadership.”

The Coverup Continues

A slew of new documents have been released to the public through Freedom of Information Act cases by both Citizens United and Judicial Watch.

For me, one of the more damaging documents that came out was a memo from then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kavalec documenting a meeting she had with Christopher Steele.

During that meeting, Steele admitted he was working for a client that had a political motivation to have the dossier leaked before election day.

Less than two weeks later, that dossier was used to help secure FISA warrants against Trump associate Carter Page.

That, of course, led the “spying” at Trump Tower that kicked off the entire Russian probe and charges of collusion against Trump.

As bad as all that is, the move by Wray to turn this memo which had been unclassified to classified on April 25, 2019, just wreaked of a coverup.

That meeting proved everything Trump has been saying about Comey all along and Wray is trying to hide the document that can without a doubt prove him correct.

Getting Exposed

The problem for Wray, Comey, and everyone else that has tried to take down Trump is slowly but surely, these documents are getting out.

Fitton, who is the head of Judicial Watch, made his comments while appearing with Lou Dobbs on Fox News.

After he made his comments, President Trump sent out the following tweets…

Attorney General Barr has come under fire for agreeing that the FBI spied on Trump.

Members of Congress are upset this specific term is being used rather than surveillance.

However, these recent documents are beginning to prove what the FBI did was, in fact, spy on Trump.

With every passing day, it becomes more and more apparent there was a group of individuals in the government working against the President with every tool they had available.

More is expected to come out this week on this front, as Senator Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday stated that he is working this week to have a document declassified that will further damage Comey and the FBI.

We are seeing something we have NEVER seen in our government before as one side is working diligently to expose the other in what now appears to be a legitimate coup against the President of the United States.

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