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Trump Welcomes Biden to Presidential Race with New Nickname

On Thursday, after bowing to pressure from a minority woman’s group to not announce his candidacy in conflict with their event on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden announced he is officially running for president.

President Trump was among the first to welcome him, sending him out a tweet and in the process dubbing the Democrat frontrunner “Sleepy Joe.”

Biden Officially Announces

The announcement by Biden was not exactly news.

The story leaked out last week with a tentative date set for Wednesday.

However, a woman’s group threatened Biden that their event was already taking place on Wednesday and his announcement, if made on the same day, would take attention away from their event.

Biden buckled, so the announcement ended up being delayed another 24 hours to accommodate the group.

Nasty Race

As Trump stated in his tweet, we can all expect the 2020 election to make the 2016 election seem like a Sunday church service.

Democrats have already shown several of the cards in their hand in how they will attempt to go after Trump.

Since the sexist and racist angles did not work, their new tact will be to portray Trump as someone beneath the office as well as someone that cheats on his taxes with nefarious business practices.

The Mueller report was to be Trump’s undoing, but Democrats failed miserably on that front.

Biden will not be above the nasty attacks, especially during the primary.

His questionable behavior around women and young girls has already come to light and you know at least one of his opponents will go after him on that.

Biden presents a bit of a dilemma, though, in that his time as Vice President may be out of reach for fear of upsetting Obama’s legacy.

Oddly enough, the former president has been eerily silent throughout Biden’s PR mess as well as his announcement.

Some pundits believe Obama is just saving his impact for when it is really needed, while others have stated Obama may be wary of putting his backing behind Biden this early, as he would prefer another candidate get the nod.

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