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Cory Booker’s Blunder… He Just Admitted Undocumented Immigrants Make Us ‘Less Safe’

Presidential candidate Cory Booker made a major slip during a recent interview.

While talking to “Face the Nation,” Booker admitted illegal immigrants being released into the country will “make us less safe.”

Threat or Promise

Booked was being asked what he thought about Trump’s “threat” to send illegals that can no longer be held into sanctuary cities.

Margaret Brennan, who was conducting the interview, asked Booker if he thought Trump was just trying to create friction or it was a real threat.

Booker replied, “You say ‘friction,’ I say he’s trying to pit Americans against each other and make us feel less safe.”

There is no mistaking his sentiment there.

Booker clearly feels as though Americans will feel less safe if illegals are released into their communities.

He equated it to fear-mongering, but it is more like telling the actual truth, something our politicians are very unfamiliar with these days.

Unsafe Visitors

While Booker came right out and said it, the rest of the party has been tip-toeing around this issue for weeks now.

When the idea was first made public, Democrats were outraged.

New York Mayor De Blasio even threatened to sue Trump if he moves forward with this plan.

They all stated Trump was using people as a political chip, but that is hardly the case.

For more than two years now, Democrats have been sticking up for illegals.

Trump’s plan actually made sense…

Release the immigrants where they will be welcome. Sound good, right?

So, why then are Democrats so outraged by the prospect of having more illegal immigrants in their communities?

I think Booker just answered that question himself.

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